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Happy Flush®  now comes in eight amazing fragrances, original Citrus Burst, zesty and wild Lime Fizz, cool and sophisticated Mint Breeze, the fruity fun of Orange Zing , or the soft, pretty Rose Bloom, why not try our newest floral fragrance, Flower Power and last but not least the crisp and tropical Apple Twist.

Happy Flush’mas Festive Sparkle is released for a limited time over each Christmas period.

Happy flush® comes in 3 sizes, 100ml family (with our easy spray trigger and a child safety lock), 50ml personal size and a 25ml portable atomiser which is perfect for a bag or pocket.

Normal use will see Happy Flush®  50 ml last for up to 80 applications and the large size up to 160 uses, making it cheaper to use and longer lasting than expensive refillable air fresheners. Don’t be mislead by our compact size, Happy Flush®  is highly concentrated and goes on for ages and ages.

It can out last plug in type air fresheners and sprays, even better, our pump spray does not use any harmful aerosols or propellants.

The essential oils we use to make Happy Flush® are a completely natural product and Happy Flush®  is not tested on animals, the contents are biodegradable and the bottle is recyclable.