Happy Flush ® is a brand new product containing natural ingredients, developed and manufactured right here in the UK.

Developed and distributed by a family run business, the

initial concept was to produce a range of  environmentally

friendly ‘Happy’ products each designed to improve our

lives a little at a time.

Happy Flush ® does just that by introducing a personal air freshener which can stay at home or you can take out and about with you.

We have thousands of happy customers many of whom say we have achieved our goals and have brought a new and innovative product to the market which really makes a difference. You can read more about their feedback on our ‘contact us’ page.

It is designed to reduce the odours during and after having used the toilet and does this by creating an effective barrier on the surface of the water and sealing in bad smells while you go.

With a fresh and powerful scent developed from carefully selected essential and fragrance oils, which fill the room with a crisp fragrance before and after you flush.

Unlike costly air fresheners which only mask the smell, Happy Flush ® creates a physical barrier locking in bad smells.

Welcome to a new way to a clean fresh bathroom, join the growing number of satisfied Happy Flush® customers.

No Parabens

No Aerosol

No Alcohol

No Benzene

Happy Products Ltd

Proudly made in the UK

About Us

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